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Best cleaning solutions in Pune

As a homeowner, you are always looking for the best home cleaning products. After all, your house is your sanctuary, and maintaining its splendor is an important task. However, the sheer number of cleaning products on the market is staggering, and choosing the right products makes for a tedious decision. These products serve different purposes, and some are very specific. A lot of companies prey on the naivety of customers and sell them products that they do not really need.

Instead of purchasing a myriad of different and expensive cleaners, you may only need one or two to do the job efficiently. 

Viteflo neem-based all-purpose cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner acts as a herbal disinfectant and degreaser. It is highly economical and effective and can be used as a floor cleaning liquid. It cuts through grease and other dirt with ease and is low-foaming. 

Viteflo neem-based all-purpose cleaner is made with a blend of neem oil and other essential oils. Neem oil is a natural insecticide. It can repel and prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, ants, flies, cockroaches, and other household insect pests. Neem oil also gives this product a pleasant smell.

This is in stark contrast to chemical pesticides which have an unpleasant smell and are toxic in nature.

Bacnil Toilet Cleaner

Improper maintenance and harsh water conditions can damage bathroom fixtures and sanitary ware. This could result in expensive repairs and replacements. Using an effective toilet bowl cleaner can help preserve the life of bathroom fixtures, as well improving their appearance and conditions. Regular cleaning using a good-quality toilet cleaner will also improve the hygienic conditions of bathrooms. It will also give your bathroom a pleasant smell. 

Bacnil Toilet Cleaner is a cost-effective and efficient product made using powerful hydrochloric acid. It can easily remove harmful germs, rust stains, and calcium deposits, making your toilets safe and hygienic to use. 

Bacnil Glass Cleaner

Bacnil Glass Cleaner is an extremely efficient glass cleaning solution. This glass cleaner can effortlessly wipe away dirt and grime and leave your glass surfaces germ-free. It has a pleasant fragrance and provides your glass surfaces with an extra shine and sparkle. It is best used on mirrors and windows. 

Bacnil Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Bacnil Disinfectant Floor Cleaner is a super-effective floor cleaning liquid available in a variety of fragrances. It kills 99.9% of germs and is non-toxic and safe to use. It is made with a blend of pine oil and other essential oils which give it anti-insect properties. Pine oil is a strong mosquito-repellent and can repel mosquitoes and other such insects for up to 12 hours. Pine Oil, Castor Oil, oleates, and phenolic compounds are used to make a concentrate which is then diluted with deionized water which results in a superior quality disinfectant for cleaning floors. 

It comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances like Citrus, Aqua, Green Apple, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass, Rose, Bela, and Passion Fruit. 

About Vkleen Solutions

Vkleen Solutions is an established brand that has been operating for over ten years, delivering excellence and quality in every product. Originally a supplier to numerous Government organizations, Vkleen is now moving into the retail space, and ensuring your health and safety is our company’s foremost concern. All our products are proudly made in India, using the best possible methods and machinery.

Our company is based in Pune, and we ship our products all across India. Order your eco-friendly cleaning solutions here-

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