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Glass Cleaning Dos & Don’ts

Whether it’s cleaning your beautiful house windows, your custom glass shelves, mirrors of your vanity or your car shades. Do you know the right way? It seems like such a simple task, but most people don’t effectively wash them. It sure is a tedious process but ensuring proper maintenance will go a long way to keep them shiny & clean.

We would like to share some dos and don’ts that will help you clean all the windows like a pro.                                        

Dos & Don’ts

-Use a microfiber cleaning cloth rather than a newspaper of kitchen towel. Gently shake and spray the Bacnil Glass Cleaner and wipe up the excess with a soft macrofibre cloth. The material of the cleaning cloth is very important, and one should be mindful. It should be both absorbent and lint-free for the best effect.


-You should always wash your windows in sections and not all in one go. Spray, rinse and dry small sections one at a time. This will prevent streaking caused by liquids as it may dry before you have a chance to rinse it away.


-Do start your cleaning with the areas around the windows and glasses. Start with cleaning blinds, drapes and windowsills to prevent them from becoming dirty again after you clean them. Vkleen Solution has a wide range of all-purpose disinfectant cleaning liquids to fulfill all your needs. Check out our website for more information on such


-Do take note of ensuring that the new windows are glazed. Glass glazing prevents UV rays to enter and helps prevent condensation.


-Always take note of chipped old and damaged glasses and windows in your homes. Firstly, in the Indian culture it is meant to have a negative effect on your homes and logically all the cleaning in the world wouldn’t help if your windows and glass are old, chipped, cracked or damaged.


-Don’t use harsh ineffective ammonia- based chemical cleaners for your betterment. Such products may damage your glasses in long run as well as your skin. Beware of ammonia and alcohol based disinfectants and cleaners as they also have a tendency to leave streak marks on your glasses and make them look dirty even after regular cleaning. Our brand Vkleen takes note of such things and makes sure to provide the best quality natural ingredients in all our home cleaning products.


-Don’t use tap water for cleaning. We all know that our tap water has hard minerals which are abrasive and can leave spots and smears on the windows and glasses. When possible use Bacnil Glass Cleaner or use distilled water instead of tap water for best results. 

-Don’t use paper towels, old newspapers or kitchen towels. Using these would not only be wasteful, it also would be ineffective. Paper towels or newspapers can scratch glass and also leave black marks and residue of lint behind.




Window and Glass Cleaning Specialists In India


We at Vkleen provide the best quality cleaning range in the entire country. We are veterans in this industry with a range of over 50 products in the health and hygiene care range for home and industrial use. Our brand is trusted by all the government bodies due to our certifications and guarantees which we provide. Lets make our homes clean with Vkleen!



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