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Why should you choose Vkleen products?

We have developed a fine catalog of products that can satisfy the cleaning needs of homeowners and owners of commercial spaces and factories. Come, take a look at some of our most popular products-

Floor Cleaning

A good quality floor cleaner is a necessity in any household and more so in any commercial space. It should be able to get rid of germs and dirt with ease, along with providing a pleasant fragrance that further contributes to the freshness of a room.

We offer a vast array of floor cleaners such as colored floor cleaner, black phenyl, white phenyl, and a neem cleaner

Bacnil offers a wide range of coloured floor cleaners available in exciting fragrances such as citrus, aqua, green apple, passion fruit, etc. 

Bacnil White Phenyl and Black Phenyl are perfect for home use as well as usage in office spaces. Vack-X provides a wide range of commercial cleaning products that are well-suited for use in large office spaces and factories. These solutions are very economical to use. 

Lastly, the best way to clean your home is by using natural cleaners. Viteflo neem based all purpose cleaner is the perfect home cleaning product. It is made with natural ingredients such as neem oil and pine oil which give it a natural fragrance. Neem oil is also an effective pest repellant and can keep away mosquitoes, ants, flies, cockroaches, etc.

Toilet Cleaning

Your bathroom cleaning products should always be of good quality, to ensure a hygienic bathroom that looks in good condition. Vkleen Solutions provides the best phenyl for toilets, at affordable prices. Bacnil Toilet Cleaner is one of the best toilet cleaners on the market. Its powerful hydrochloric acid-based formula can get rid of germs and stains with ease

Vack-X provides great industrial toilet cleaning agents. A clean toilet bowl is guaranteed with daily use of Vkleen solutions. 

Glass Cleaning

Effective cleaning of mirrors and windows is extremely important if you want to maintain a clean and proper home. There are a vast array of glass cleaners on the market. Bacnil Glass Cleaner is the way to go as the shine it provides is nonpareil to other cleaners. 

With a few squirts and a few wipes, it can scrub away dirt and leave your glass spotless. It only takes a few minutes to achieve a shine and clarity like no other.


Are you convinced by Vkleen’s quality and performance yet? If not, the only way to find out is by trying our products. They can be purchased from our website-

They can also be found on Amazon- [,,].

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