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How To Clean & Disinfect Your Home Against Covid

Cleaning & Disinfecting your home every day and when someone is sick is very important. Cleaning with a regular liquid cleaner that contains soap itself reduces the amount of germs present on surfaces and reduces the risk of infection from touching any surface at home. But in the recent times since the transmission of COVID-19 has increased disinfection has become invariably essential and specially if someone in your home is sick or is comorbid.   Clean Regularly   Cleaning with Vkleen Solution’s Viteflo Neem All Surface Cleaner that contains natural extracts of neem reduces the amount of germs and viruses on any surface and reduces the risk of infection. In most of the situations cleaning with our product removes most virus and germ particles. Disinfection to reduce the possibility of transmission of diseases at homes and work place is likely not needed unless someone is sick.   -Clean the surfaces which is most highly touched such as doorknobs, tables, light switches regularly. Clean surfaces using any of our Bacnil & Viteflo product range suitable for each surface, follow the instructions on the product label. Cleaning frequently is advisable in case of a patient at home.   Disinfect when someone is sick   How to disinfect -Always follow the directions of use on the label of any of our product. -Our label includes instructions on how to use and where all can the products be used. There are specific instructions for safety as there might be mild irritation to people with allergies. -Always keep the products out of reach from children. Although all our products are safer to use there might be some disinfectants which are stronger in nature which are used to give you’re the best results.   -Clean the floors with our Bacnil Disinfectant Colored Floor Cleaners as they contain the best cleaning agents, fresh fragrances and can be used in homes, offices, hospitals, outdoor patio, restaurants, etc.   -Clean & disinfect bathrooms and toilet bowls with our Bacnil Toilet Cleaner regularly as the likelihood of germs and dirt transmitting through the toilets which is used by number of people is more.   -All our product are tested and meet all the safety standards across the country.   -Ensure there is adequate ventilation while using any disinfectant liquids or sprays by keeping the doors and windows open and switch on the fan to improve the airflow.   -Ensure to wash your hands and face immediately after disinfecting or cleaning the surfaces with soap and water for 20 seconds. -If the sick person is able enough to clean, provide dedicated cleaning and disinfecting supplies; tissues, paper towels, cleaners and disinfectants.   -If the sick person is in shared space, they should clean and disinfect surfaces and items after each use.   Cleaning and disinfecting electronics and highly touched surfaces should be disinfected daily and regularly as the possibility of transmitting diseases through them is the most. Consider putting a wipeable cover on electronics to make cleaning easy.   For more such insightful and useful information related to cleaning and disinfecting you can visit our website . We have a wide variety of cleaning and disinfecting solutions for your home and office needs. Contact us to place your orders. If in case of any query you can even email us at