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Viteflo - Neem Based All Surface Cleaner

Rs. 229.00

Save time and resources with an all surface herbal cleaner and degreaser that targets all kinds of surfaces. This economical and effective cleaner, is a multi-purpose problem solver for daily cleaning. Excellent results and incredible value makes this cleaner the perfect product for a variety of cleaning needs. It cuts through grease fast and is low foaming and free rinsing.

Viteflo Neem based All Surface Cleaner is highly effective against the mosquitoes causing dengue and chikungunya by preventing the breeding of mosquitoes, thus providing a mosquito free surroundings. Apart from this it also repels cockroaches, ants and flies.

Product Tips:

  1. Always pretest small area for color fastness.
  2. Always read the label before starting.
  3. Use a quality scrub brush or microfiber cloth for best results.
  4. Always rinse surfaces that come within contact of food.


  1. For Normal Use:

Use 50 ml in 8 liters of water. Milky white emulsion will be formed. Mop with the diluted solution. Long lasting fragrance effect and freshness will be observed.

       2. For Effective Disinfection:

Use 50 ml in 5 liters of water. Mop with the diluted solution. Long lasting fragrance effect will be there along with disinfection from mosquitos and insects.


If the solution is used to clean the areas where food contact is possible, then rinse the surface with clean water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Neem oil being the natural insecticide, destroys the reproductive system of the small insects and helps in controlling the insect menace. The product composites of neem oil, blends with other natural essential oils and helps in the prevention of breeding of mosquitos along with the repelling properties, for insects, cockroaches, and ants etc.

Product Information:

Color: Green

Odour: Pleasant (herbal with a blend of fresh essential oils)

pH: 8-9

Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of mfg.


Can be used In Offices, Homes, Hospitals, Malls, Societies, Restaurants, Kitchen Counters, etc. for disinfection and controlling the menace caused by ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies.

Viteflo - Neem Based All Surface Cleaner

Rs. 229.00