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Bacnil - Black Phenyle (ISI Marked) 1 L

Rs. 149.00

Bacnil disinfectant fluid contains phenolic compounds such as Monochlorophenol/- Coaltar acid chloroxylenol and oils & emulsifiers. It is an active insect repellant and a good cleaning agent. The product is ISI grade where quality criteria and specifications are very high and it is supplied in Govt. organizations.

Product Information:

Color: Black

Odor: Pleasant pH: 8-9

Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of Mfg.


Can be used in homes, hospitals, institutions, poultry wash, dairy farms, cinemas, factories, offices, etc.


Available in sizes of 450 mL, 1 L, 5 L, 20 L.

Bacnil - Black Phenyle (ISI Marked) 1 L

Rs. 149.00