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Rs. 86.00

Bacnil Glass Cleaners contain surfactants and solvents that adhere to the glass surface and lift away dirt and grime, providing shiny surfaces extra sparkle. It has a pleasant aroma. This highly efficient combination helps to easily clean surfaces without leaving the residue that appears in our mirrors and windows as streaks.

Usage: Ready to use

Packaging: Available in 500 mL and 5 L. Floor/Toilet Cleaner (Concentrated) Bacnil Floor/Toilet Cleaner (Conc.) is a highly concentrated solution used to remove mineral deposits, rust stains, and hard water deposits.

Product Information:

Pine Oil, Emulsifiers, Deionised Water, Disinfectant, and added Perfumes.

Appearance: Orange/Yellow

Odor: Acidic pH: 1-2

Shelf Life: 36 Months from the date of Mfg.


Available in sizes of 1L and 5L.


Rs. 86.00