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Rs. 2,450.00

X4 by Vack-X is a specialized product formulated for wooden furniture maintenance. When used daily it cleans and leaves a deep, lustrous sheen on wooden furniture. X4 polish is for the quick and easy maintenance of wood and laminate hard surfaces (furniture, doors, windows, and other wooden furnishings).

Product benefits:

• Protects and increases life of wooden furniture

• Leaves a deep and lustrous sheen.

• Free from volatile solvents and has no unpleasant odors

• The product is specifically coded to prevent application mistakes.

Areas to be used:

• All wooden floors and furnishings

• Note: Do not use on glass or matt surfaces & floors or stairs (danger of slipping).

Product Specifications:

• Appearance: Opaque off-white liquid

• Odor: Wooden Musk

• pH: 6-6.5

• Shelf Life: 24 Months from date of Mfg


Rs. 2,450.00