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4 Questions You Should Ask While Choosing a Floor Cleaner

Floor and surface cleaning

To any home maker, having reliable cleaning liquids and equipment is utmost necessary. Every buyer will have to put several factors into consideration before purchasing floor cleaning liquids. Likewise, for any commercial establishments there are a lot of factors that are not focused upon while purchasing disinfecting & floor cleaning liquids.

The floors attract a lot of dust, food, dirt and scraps which stays put even after you mop and regularly clean them- particularly your kitchen floor, utility area & dry balcony. These areas get soiled easily and thus require our special attention.

Understanding The Right Floor Cleaner

There are a lot of floor cleaners doing rounds in the market especially due to Covid, which also has overwhelmed and confused the buyers. Floor cleaners basically help to protect your floors against all the germs. Let us simplify it further.

  • What is the material of your flooring?

The very first thing before buying a floor cleaner is to understand the type pf flooring of your house. Although it seems easy, but many people do not know how to choose the right floor cleaners for their place. Whether the flooring is of stone, marble, hardwood, vinyl or oiled wood, the cleaner you need depends on the floor material.


  • How dirty is the floor?

Regardless of the type of flooring, many a times our floors need to be cleaned and other times it really, really needs to be deep cleaned. The floor cleaning liquids needs to be used regularly to get the best results. We also need to understand how frequently people use the area because some heavy traffic areas might need much more cleaning than the others.


  • Is your floor coated or uncoated?

In the market you’ll find many general purpose/ light duty cleaning liquids that work on both floors. To make it loud and clear it isn’t just about which cleaning liquid to choose, it’s also about how you use them.

For instance, porous surfaces like laminated and hard wooden floorings can handle liquid cleaners but might get damaged if the exposure to liquid is prolonged. Considering whether the floor is coated or uncoated can help you choose the appropriate cleaning liquid.

  • Is the product Eco-friendly, Pet Friendly and Non-Hazardous?

This one should be easy to answer. A lot many home grown brands like ours have made it a point to take care these important points into consideration while manufacturing our products. In today’s ever evolving times it is our moral obligation to provide customers with the best-in-class cleaning solutions which is also sensitive towards our environmental needs.

“For messes that aren’t messing around”

Bacnil Floor Cleaning range is designed for the most serious of dirty messes. It is designed for aggressive cleaning and disinfecting without causing harm to your skin or eyes. All our products are lab tested and certified.

To sum it all up, Vkleen Solution has the widest variety of cleaning solutions to cater to all your needs. We proudly describe ourselves as a one stop solution for all your cleaning and hygiene needs. We also cater to the Industries, Hospitals, Schools & Colleges, MNCs, etc.

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