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Dos & Don’ts of Cleaning Your Kitchen

  Our kitchens are the most important room in all our houses. It is also the most regularly used of all, hence cleaning and organizing them is the most important and time taking process. When it comes of cleaning the kitchen there are some white and black rules which we all must have heard from our elders and are passed on through generations. There are sure short ways that we are going to tell you here to ensure a fresh sparkling clean kitchen. Here are some easy kitchen cleaning do’s & don’ts –     Dos:   -We should all make it a habit to clean our cooking appliances regularly. Whether you use the microwave, over or gas stove to cook your food, these appliances should be cleaned whenever they look even a little dirty. This will also ensure that no dirt or germs are sitting in your cooking appliances, it will also make your kitchen look newer and more attractive. You can use our Viteflo neem all surface cleaner which has goodness of neem along with its natural fighting ability against the germs. You could also use Bacnil Glass Cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting the glasses and doors of your kitchen appliances and windows of your kitchen.   -Simple rule of cleaning which everyone should be mindful of is cleaning from top to bottom. Not only does this rule apply to the kitchen, but it is also a cleaning rule for all the other rooms as well. Starting from the top and working all your way down gives you the cleanest clean.   -Do make sure that you disinfect after you clean. Many of us don’t know but thers is a difference between the two. Cleaning will only make sure that your counter tops, storage units, utensils, appliances look clean, nice & shiny, but disinfection is what will kill the germs, bacteria & viruses. It is necessary to do both, especially in these times when we must be doubly sure of our cleanliness.   -Do make a storage space wherein all your cleaning supplies can be stored. It’ll be easier for you and more time efficient if you keep all your kitchen cleaning supplies in one nearby space. This way, you won’t have to be running around the house for fetching difference supplies. Likewise, we make sure that our customers get all the cleaning supplies from one store and thus we have made which serves as a one stop cleaning solution for all your home care products and will help you clean and disinfect your house all in one go.   Don’ts   -Firstly, don’t clean around the clutter. You need to make sure that things which are not even related to the kitchen are not stocked up in the kitchen. More so there are kitchen related products which might also end up cluttering the kitchen. All this mess makes it hard to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Just start with putting away things that are not required in the kitchen and only buying things which are for instant use rather than stocking up and pilling up utilities.   -Don’t use the same cloth for cleaning the entire house and then the kitchen as well. We all buy rags which are reusable, washable and are tough on dirt, but if used in a wrong way they can spread more germs. Make sure you keep separate cleaning cloth for separate purposes. Color coding your cloth or using different types for different purposes would make it easier to distinguish them.   -Don’t use the cleaning sponge for a very long time. It’s a fact that a lot of us wouldn’t know- Sponges are literally the breeding for bacteria. So, to make sure your sponges are safe replace it weekly. Or consider using different materials for replacing them wherever possible.   -Do not mix the cleaning solutions for better and faster results. So many of already know it and still we make the same mistake. This is pure science and logic. You may think that one strong solution if mixed another one would result in a super strong cleaner, but the sum could be dangerous for your kitchen and yourself. A lot many brands use bleach, toxic chemicals and guarantee the best results and we fall for it. Make it a rule to never use or mix bleach with anything else it may become hazardous. Our range of Bacnil Pro Colored Floor Cleaners will help you experience 8 different fresh fragrances which will help keep your kitchen germ free and disinfected around the clock. To make sure we don’t play with our customers health along with our environment, we at vkleen use the natural cleaning agents in all our products. Your Health Is Our Priority.