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Top 5 Floor Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips

With the advent of the coronavirus, disinfecting our homes and common areas has become extremely important. Investing in a high-quality disinfecting solution is one of the best measures to reduce the spread of the deadly virus and improve the safety of yourself and the people around you. Let us take a look at some floor cleaning and disinfecting tips-

Is it necessary to disinfect floors?

Firstly, you should know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, Cleaning involves the use of regular cleaning products like floor cleaning liquid, etc. This process reduces the number of germs but does not completely kill all germs. Disinfection involves the use of special chemicals that kill most of the germs on the surface. 

If a floor is visibly dirty, you need to clean it with regular cleaning products and water before disinfecting it. You do not necessarily need to disinfect the floors in your house unless you have a Covid patient at home. 

Use different disinfectants meant for different surfaces

Make sure to inspect the disinfectant purchased before using it on any surface. There are different formulas made for cleaning of hard surfaces like hardwood floors, laminate and vinyl flooring, etc. 

For soft floorings like carpets and rugs, use a specific cleaner meant for these surfaces. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt and debris. You can wash rugs with soap and water but make sure to read the tags provided before using any cleaning methods.

Take measures to reduce contamination of surfaces

You can take certain measures to minimize the contamination of surfaces. For example, you can ask guests and visitors to wear a mask at all times. Household members should practice washing their hands regularly and after coming from outside. If a member is showing symptoms of Covid-19, isolate him/her in a different area of the house. Use a good quality kitchen floor cleaner for ensuring a germ-free cooking space.

Follow strict protocol if someone in the household is sick

If someone in the household is suffering from Covid-19, stricter measures need to be followed. If possible, keep a separate bedroom for infected patients. If the sick person is unable to clean, enter the room wearing a mask and ensure the patient is also masked. Clean only if necessary, so as to minimize contact. Wear gloves and make sure the area is properly ventilated (leave the windows open, the fan turned on, etc). 

Using Disinfectants

Always read the instructions before using any disinfectant products. Use gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals. Never ingest any sort of disinfectant. If areas are visibly dirty, use soap and water before cleaning, unless the disinfectant already has cleaning agents. Do not mix these products and do not use them on your body, on your pets, etc. 

The most effective disinfectant cleaner available in India is provided by Vkleen Solutions. It provides products from three brands; Viteflo, Bacnil, and Vack-X. These products are made in India using the highest quality control standards. 

It is important to buy a high-quality disinfecting solution and other equipment to not only fight the coronavirus but maintain a clean and germ-free house. 

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