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The benefits of using a herbal cleaning agent

There is a myriad of home cleaning solutions and products available on the market today. There are a ton of different brands and different products that claim to perform different functions. However, a lot of these products contain harmful chemicals. Many solutions are caustic or highly acidic and are able to corrode the skin simply by coming in contact with it. Other solutions, though marked as harmless, contain a store of toxic chemicals that could be hazardous. It is not wise to use these solutions in an environment with children. These products should especially not be used on surfaces that may come in contact with food.  This is where a herbal disinfectant steps in. These cleaning solutions are made using natural and herbal ingredients that are not toxic and do not cause any harm to the skin. They must still be used with some degree of caution, as they can be harmful if put in the eyes, etc. However, they are much safer to use than synthetic chemical cleaning products.  Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using these natural cleaners- These cleaners are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment in the way that chemical cleaners do. Wastewater containing these chemicals are dumped into water bodies and damages the health of marine and aquatic organisms. They work just as well as chemical cleaners. They can effectively clean and sanitise hard surfaces and kill germs. They are free of harmful chemicals and are easier on the skin. That means that you will no longer get cracked skin and blisters that you may have experienced after using chemical cleaners. These products are made with natural ingredients and hence, have natural and pleasant fragrances. This is in stark comparison to chemical cleaners which have the odour of bleach and chemicals which are reminiscent of hospitals and commercial spaces. Viteflo neem-based all-surface cleaner This all-purpose cleaner acts as a herbal disinfectant and degreaser. It is highly economical and effective and can be used as a floor cleaning liquid. It cuts through grease and other dirt with ease and is low-foaming.  It is made with neem oil and other essential oils that act as natural mosquito repellants. It can repel and prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flies, and other insect pests.  Neem is a natural insecticide and has a pleasant fragrance.  Therefore, using this cleaner is a better option than toxic pesticides that are harmful and polluting. Toxic chemical pesticides also have an unpleasant odour, unlike this herbal cleaner. It can be used in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, etc. It can be used on different surfaces like floors, kitchen counters, etc. Vkleen Solutions Vkleen Solutions is an established brand that has been operating for over ten years, delivering excellence and quality in every product. Originally a supplier to numerous Government organizations, Vkleen is now moving into the retail space, and ensuring your health and safety is our company’s foremost concern. All our products are proudly made in India, using the best possible methods and machinery. Our offices are based in Pune, but we deliver our products all across India. Order your eco-friendly cleaning solutions here-